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3 Forms of Prayer

Msgr. John McMahon,  August 7, 2016

Three prayers forms to help us have our hearts open for all the love that God has for us when we get the call.

I The Bible Prayer

The Bible is a written testimony of the experience of God’s grace present in particular persons in particular times throughout the centuries


  • Take a Bible (preferably paperback New Testament) and place a bookmark at the beginning of St Mark – shortest of the Gospels
  • Place the Bible on your bed – pillow
  • Commit to reading one sentence (5 seconds)
  • Next take 5 slow deep breathes and exhales (15 seconds)
  • Being open to the Holy Spirit

1.. Removing our thoughts that rise to attractions or aversions

2. Giving us insights and breakthroughs

3. Self reflections, such as “how am I doing.”


God is present in the words of the Bible.  At Pentecost Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us in discerning the application of the Bible to our daily lives.


II Gratitude Prayer – 21 day program

  1. Identify something you are grateful for, e.g. the weather; and write it down
  2. Identify a meaningful experience- e.g. you call a company for information and get a live knowledgeable person — write it down
  3. Ripple effects – e.g., notice the name on the name tag of the cashier; call her by name and ask how her day is going. It will positively affect the next customers  — write it down.
  4. Fun activity – walking or playing with a pet – write it down.
  5. Social Meaningful Network – write a note to someone who did something meaningful for you.


III. Prayer of Planned Enjoyable Experiences

  • I am not the Messiah; everything doesn’t depend on me. To be the person I want to be and God created me to be, I need to minister to myself.
  • Jesus went up the mountain and to a boat to take a break
  • The Prayer

Do something that you can do every day for at least 15 minutes to ½ hour a day

This will enable you to be more personal and empathetic in relationships